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PVA Nodular Sponge Roller

PVA Sponge Brush Use in HDD Process

PVA Sponge Brush Uses in HDD Process

PVA nodular sponge roller is one of the common sponge surface designs which widely used in many wet cleaning processes.  The modular design is the version elaborate from spline type sponge roller.  The nodule design on the sponge roller will reduce the mechanical scrubbing force against the cleaned substance surface however it will increase the cleaning solution flow-through rate.

PVA Nodular Sponge Roller Structure

PVA nodular sponge roller is having the basic PVA sponge properties as most of our quality sponge roller.

Nodular sponge roller is a roller type of sponge that covers with a nodule at the outer layer.  In DST, our nodule design comes in 7.3mm diameter and 4.5mm in height.  There is space to separate each nodule and the gap also act as a waterway for the cleaning solution to flow through.

Improve in water flow rate, makes the contaminant is had fewer chances to trap within the sponge.  Furthermore, the contaminant is also much easier to “flush away” in this nodule design sponge.

PVA Nodular Sponge Roller SpecificationNodular Sponge Roller -Long

In DST, we have applied the nodular design in different form factor sponge roller, this is because the nodular design has delivered a good cleaning result.

Below are a few common form factors which widely accepted by the cleaning industry, these include:

  • 70-32-216mm Nodular Sponge Roller
  • 60-32-254mm Nodular Sponge Roller
  • 38-18-110mm Nodular Sponge Roller

Besides the various form factors, our PVA nodular sponge rollers also fulfil stringent cleanliness specification, these include our sponge is free from:

Besides, our sponge will also send for IC test and LPC test.

Application of PVA Nodular Sponge Roller

PVA nodular sponge roller is widely used in surface scrubbing kind of setup.  The nodular sponge roller has been used in below industries:

  • Wafer cleaning
  • Hard disc media and substrate
  • CMP cleaning

DST Technology is having more than 10 years experience in CMP and Post-CMP Cleaning process.  We have shown our commitment in PVA sponge design, manufacture and technical support for the industry.  Please feel free to contact DST Technology to understand more about our PVA sponge roller.

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