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De-carbonize Cleaner – DC Cleaner

DC Cleaner Cpl Label

The De-carbonize cleaner (DC Cleaner) is the improved liquid formulation for stubborn contaminant removal. Especially on removing the stubborn carbonize layer deposited on the metal surface.

The de-carbonize cleaner (DC Cleaner) comes with 2 major functions, surface de-grease and carbon contaminant layer removal. Meanwhile, the super carbon removal ability has made it a better product for industrial surface cleaning.

The De-carbonize Cleaner (DC Cleaner) is outstanding in deposited carbon contaminant removal.

DC Cleaner
DC Cleaner

Main Features

The liquid type DC Cleaner comes in ready to use mode. Whereby user could direct apply the cleaner solution without any dilution needed. Meanwhile, the alkaline base solution also provides a wide variety working on various metal substrate.

In addition, the cleaner is suitable working at ambient temperature or heat up to 70C for best cleaning result. Here are some of the main features for this cleaner.

  1. Specially formulated for stubborn carbon contaminant removal.
  2. Remove carbon mark in the mold groove.
  3. Liquid formulation for convenient application.
  4. Alkaline based formulation.
  5. With degreasing ability.
  6. Suitable to use on most of the metal material.

Application for DC Cleaner

The DC Cleaner shall be handle with care throughout the transportation and handling process. Cleaner handler is advised to wear appropriate PPE attire, such as eyes goggle, rubber hand glove and apron for protection. Thoroughly rinse with water if get in touch with the skin and seek immediate medical attention if needed.

The DC Cleaner is formulated at liquid formation for the convenient in handling and application. Meanwhile, it should be used as the stock solution without any dilution needed. There are 2 major application methods for DC Cleaner:

  1. Spray and mop. Spray the DC Cleaner on the carbonize location and wipe off the area with wet cloth.
  2. Soak Clean. Direct soak the spare part into the DC Cleaner solution for stubborn carbon contaminant removal. User could further heat up the DC Cleaner (70C)for getting best cleaning result.


The De-carbonize DC Cleaner packs under the convenient carry 10L PE pail. However, we do offer other packaging base on customer’s application. Hence, you are always welcome discuss with us for the packaging selection.

Available packaging:

  1. 10L PE Pail (Standard)
  2. 1L Bottle
  3. 20L Pail

Feel free to contact DST to understand more about this de-carbonize cleaner, DC Cleaner.

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