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The Rubber Mold Cleaner


We always encounter people asking about rubber mold cleaner availability in Malaysia. Even though there are several rubber mold cleaning methods, but chemical removal of rubber residue still the common practice. Before the development of Rubber Mold Cleaner RMC-930, most of the user in rubber mold industry is using Sunecon KR303 as the prime mold cleaner.

The Rubber Mold Cleaner RMC930 is exclusively targeting for rubber moulding industry in Malaysia. DST is formulating and manufacturing this cleaner in Malaysia, this give us have a better response and support for local user. Because of cleaning result and fast response, the RMC930 cleaner is getting a remarkable progress.

EC Clean Rubber Mold Cleaner, RMC-930 becomes a famous cleaner in rubber molding industry.

Rubber Mold

Benefit for RMC-930 Rubber Mold Cleaner

Most of the rubber mold factory in Malaysia is facing severe challenge on stringent product quality. In order to achieve a better product quality, the rubber mold has to keep as clean as possible to avoid any contamination or distortion on the rubber products.

Rubber and Silicon Parts

Due to the sophisticate mold and teething design, the small gap on the rubber mold is easily filling up with the rubber or silicone residue. The residue is accumulating through out the manufacturing cycle. Hence, after several shots, the process engineer will carry out mold cleaning activity. Unfortunately, the shallow and sticky rubber residue is a stubborn contaminant which could only be removed by dedicate cleaner.

With the RMC930 solution, the rubber residue on the hot press mold is no more a concern. The RMC930 solution could remove the rubber residue once it gets touch with the hot contaminant. By the way, the RMC-930 cleaner solution is suitable to perform mold cleaning activity even the mold is heated up to 150C.

Hot Rubber Mold Cleaning

The effective ingredient in the RMC-930 solution is exaggerating the cleaning performance especially the mold under hot condition. Firstly, pour the RMC-930 cleaner solution on the hot rubber mold and you shall hear the hissing sound and comes along with the white colour mist. At the same time, the contaminant on the mold surface will be peeled off together with the mist.

As a reminder, do not inhale the vapour mist during the rubber mold cleaning process.

Clean-up the Rubber Mold

Once the contaminant is peeling off from the mold, user shall flush away the contaminant with fresh water. Please beware of mold temperature. In addition, we always recommend user to thoroughly flush the mold and perform simple wiping to ensure no chemical residual on the mold surface.

Apply the rust repellent solution if needed.

Why Choose RMC930

EC Clean RMC930 cleaner is a dedicated formulation targeted for rubber mold industry. There are several advantages for choosing in this cleaner.

  1. Formulated and manufacture in Malaysia.
  2. Delivery lead time is faster.
  3. Dedicate formulation removing rubber and silicone residual.
  4. Alkaline based liquid which proof to work with hot mold.
  5. No impact to metal mold.
  6. Provide engineering support for tailor-made.

Provide Technical Support

Small industries in Malaysia are facing many challenges, and technical support is always one of the support they require. For the past 10 years we had position ourselves for providing cleaning technology support to the industry. Perhaps, we have been working with many industries, commercial cleaners or even home cleaning to supply the appropriate cleaning detergent to ease their job.

The development of rubber mold cleaner RMC930 is just one of the project we carry out. Even though the rubber mold cleaner RMC930 becomes popular by the rubber industry in Malaysia, we still believe there are always room for improvement. Feel free talking to DST about your challenge in cleaning needs.

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