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PVA Sponge Sheet

PVA Sponge Sheet
PVA Sponge Sheet

DST is working on the PVA sponge roller for many years. Currently, we are expanding our product line so that we could introduce our remarkable PVA sponge to other industries.  Among the application, the sheet-form PVA sponge sheet, or named PVA foam wiper is one of the latest products we are working with our customers.

We have many years of knowledge of PVA sponge, and we also expand PVA sponge application in other fields.  Perhaps, we had exploded the sheet form PVA sponge several years ago and recently we managed to apply this PVA sheet sponge in many applications.

The sheet-form PVA sponge is gaining its market share, especially in the semiconductor industry.

Sheet Form PVA
Sheet Form PVA

Sheet Form PVA Sponge Structure

The PVA sheet sponge is a 2mm thick sheet, and we could turn the sheet sponge in various design, this includes:
1) Cut the PVA sheet sponge in various dimension
2) Sponge sheet surface design
3) Porous Design

As aware, the PVA sponge roller has to go through a stringent cleaning process to ensure compliance with the cleanliness requirement. The sheet form PVA sponge also goes through a similar cleaning process to ensure fulfill of cleanliness requirements.

Quality PVA Sheet Sponge

PVA Form Wiper Product Catalog
PVA Form Wiper Product Catalog

Furthermore, the PVA sheet sponge is built under dedicate process control and comply to the stringent quality standard.  While we mention quality standard, we mean the sponge sheet not only comply with dimension specification but also the cleanliness specification.

The dedicated cleaning process will ensure the process of chemistry will be removed thoroughly.  Most of our sponge sheets use in the cleaning industry. Hence we have to ensure the PVA sheet sponge’s cleanliness requirements so that it will not cross-contaminate the cleaned substance.

Apart from there, we know both Amide and Silicone are prohibited in many industries. Hence, our PVA sheet sponge also complies with this requirement.  This is the reason we have customers buy our PVA sheet sponge to use in the cleanroom.

Tailor-Made PVA Sponge Sheet

DST has many years in the cleaning industry. Through the years, we had expanded the PVA sponge products and detergent formulation in order to fulfill customer needs. By the way, we have remarkable knowledge and commitment to the cleaning industry. And also we are flexible to take up any challenge to manufacture a new PVA sponge to meet customer’s requirements

Feel free to tell us about your need about the sheet- form PVA sponge’s requirement. Or contact DST for this product catalog.

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  2. Hi,
    We are new format development team for Home care detergent products for *****.
    The PVA sponge looks interesting to us, Is it Poly vinyl alcohol sponge?
    Is it possible to make it 1mm thick & water soluble?
    We have various ideas to use it in our home care applications. Can you able to share few meter sample for our testings?

    Thanks & Regards,

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  4. M Satoot says:

    Dear Sir ,

    We are looking for compressed hydroxylating polyvinyl acetate (PVA) that expands upon contact with liquid.

    Plz Do u have this PVA ?

    M Satoot

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