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Why PVA Sponge Roller Shipped in Wet Form

Recently a customer asked us why some of our PVA Sponge Roller shipped in wet form and some under dry form?  Many people come across sponge roller mainly shipped under dry form, but we do have some shipped under wet form.  Let me brief you some history and the rationale behind why we do this.

PVA sponge is manufacture under wet condition and the field application also at wet environment.  However come to shipping, we do have sponge roller to be shipped at both dry form and wet foam.

Sponge Roller Shipped in Wet Form

After the final cleaning process, the sponge will send for water removing station.  This station is to remove access water away from the sponge however the sponge still maintain at wet condition.  The wet form sponge roller will send for packaging.

We have several design of PVA sponge which we shipped under wet form, this include our nodular sponge, Clarus sponge, Spline roller or even the circular sponge pad.  The common similarity for those sponges which we shipped under wet form is used in high cleaning requirement process.

While we develop the nodular sponge roller, we supply the sponge to user at dry form, unfortunately we notice fluctuation in cleaning result.  After investigation, we notice that the sponge was not resumed at the fully wet condition before it being installed in cleaning tools.  Furthermore, the stage change from wet stage to dry stage and also dry to wet also cause some irreversible damage on the sponge especially at the inner form structure which we unable to see under naked eyes.

From there onward, we ship those sponge roller used in high cleaning requirement under wet form condition.

Sponge Roller Shipped in Dry Form

For sponge roller which shipped under dry form, the sponge roller shall goes through a drying process.  The drying process is a challenging process as we have to ensure the sponge dry out before the mould is growing up.

Once the sponge fully dry, we shall vacuum pack the sponge immediately to minimize surface contamination.

Many PVA sponge suppliers do not maintain a good habit in this drying process, some sponges were not fully drying and they start sending for packing.  This cause the sponge turns mould after customer received.  Recently we came across an incident about some people show us about a yellow mark sponge and searching our opinion.

Should We Adopt Wet Form or Dry Form Sponge?

From shipping stand point, we definitely prefer dry form sponge.  However come to sponge quality, we prefer the sponge to be shipped under wet form.  There are some good reasons:

  • Sponge always maintain at wet condition without change of porous structure
  • Maintain sponge uniformity
  • Less surface deformation and damage
  • Ready to use

This is why most of those high requirement sponges are all shipped under wet form.

Talk to us and we shall come out a proposal for you about PVA sponge roller packing and shipping arrangement.

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