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Product Parameters for Detergent

Conductivity Meter

Conductivity Meter

DST did supply difference type of detergent for industry cleaning.  We emphasize on product design whereby we could tackle the appropriate contaminant we want to remove.  Because of the formulation capability, we are getting high remark on the cleaning result.

Besides the formulation, we also perform product monitoring to ensure we deliver quality detergent.  There are many factors which we could determine a quality detergent product, however we just name a few common parameters.

Parameter for Detergent Quality Monitoring

DST has set up an appropriate process monitoring to ensure our product quality, however during outgoing stage, we do perform some test to ensure it fulfill our product criteria, the parameters we normally measure:

  1. Colour
  2. Odour
  3. pH
  4. Specific Gravity
  5. Conductivity

We will also generate a COA for every batch detergent we produce.  This is to show our confident and also commitment to our product before we shipped out.  We will only ship out the detergent if it passes our outgoing specification.

Apparatus use for Measurement Parameters

User may challenge us that both colour and odour for a detergent could be too subjective, however from the point of experience detergent supplier, we could have the first hand feeling for a detergent quality.

The pH is the most common parameter, there are many pH meter or tester available in the market.  However we may require apparatus for other parameters measurement.  The most commonly ask is Specific Gravity and Conductivity measurement.

Let us share some basic apparatus for these 2 parameters:

Hydrometer used for Specific Gravity Measurement


  • Specific Gravity. Before that user has to use 2 known container and weight balancer in order to calculate the specific gravity of a detergent solution.  However with latest tools, perhaps more simple, user could measure the detergent solution specific gravity with Hydrometer, a buoyancy device.  The device or the tube is calibrated.  User just has to read out the Specific Gravity reading directly from the meter.
  • Conductivity. Inorganic salt persists in the detergent is where the conductivity derive.  We make use of the movement speed between an-ion and cat-ion in the solution to determine the conductivity for the solution.  There are many conductivity meters available in the market and you could select any kind for measurement needs.

Precaution of Measuring

Specific Gravity is more robust to measurement environment however user has to be more careful on measuring the conductivity reading.  For Conductivity, the solution is very much affected by:

  • Solution dilution ratio
  • Temperature

Even an experience chemist, he has to strictly follow the measurement procedure and ensure the specimen condition so that the conductivity reading is precisely interpreted the correct situation.

Luckily there are many standard solutions available in the market and we could always refer the reading from the standard solution.  You are also welcome to understand more about how we measure the conductivity for our detergent.

To manufacture a quality product requires a lot of effort.  DST has to come out a good formulation design, process control and final out going test to examine our product parameters before we hand over the quality detergent product to our user.  Please kindly call DST for detergent products for your application.


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