Quality PVA Sponge Roller Products

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PVA Sponge Roller is a common material use in the industry cleaning process. The sponge roller also being used in the product transferring process at a conveyor system.


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DST has the ability to formulate a new detergent which dedicate for your cleaning process. Our chemist has many years of working experience in detergent development.

CMP Polisher Services

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We have more than 10 years of working experience in the CMP polisher maintenance service. Call us to have an assessment or diagnosis program on your polisher performance.

Products and Services to the Market

DST is focusing in overall industrial cleaning process improvement

PVA Sponge is a foam material which used in many industrial cleaning processes. The PVA sponge is a soft yet durable foam that provides a good surface scrubbing effect to clean the substrate. One of the advantages of the PVA sponge as it will not causing any scratches on the cleaned surface. We are customizing the PVA sponge in various style and design. The customize PVA sponge will make sure the foam best suit your process cleaning needs.

The cleaning result always determined by the scrubbing sponge and the detergent. In DST, we are having wide series of detergent formulation that used in industrial cleaning. Besides the standard detergent, we also provide customized services for the user who want optimum cleaning result.

Everyone agrees that customize chemistry gives the best result. In DST, we also provide speciality chemistry customize services.

We have developed several out-performance cleaning detergents to be used in a household.

We Deliver Cleaning Services to the Industry

The cleaning technology improves and so do our blog. We have a periodic update on our blogs so that our reader could find out more about the progress in the cleaning industry. Check out our blog and leave us your comments.

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