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Melamine Sponge or PVA Block Sponge

Which sponge prevent scratch?
Which sponge prevent scratch?

We all know PVA block sponge is widely used in many industries and application, but lately we came across a Melamine sponge block which claim with “Magic Cleaning” performance. What special about the melamine sponge if compare with PVA sponge? Will it out overtake PVA sponge in future? These are all the interesting topics we want to find out.

Meanwhile, we had purchased some of the melamine sponges in order to understand the product. At the same time, we could also compare both sponge products.

Will melamine sponge over take PVA sponge as the major cleaning commodities?

What is Melamine Sponge?

Most of the sponges material look similar from image. However, there is a vast product variation if we could physical see and touch the sponge materials. Even without scientific apparatus, we could easily differentiate the Melamine sponge from PVA sponge.

Melamine is a polymer product derives from melamine resin. It is a thermosetting plastic polymer made between melamine and formaldehyde. Melamine resin is a common plastic materials which can found in cooking utensil such as plate and dinnerware.

Compare the Melamine Sponge with PVA Block Sponge

Let us quickly go through the physical and hand feel comparison on both sponge. The melamine sponge also being named as “magic” sponge which claimed be able to clean the substance without any detergent.

Melamine SpongePVA Block Sponge
AppearanceWhite colourWhite Colour
Hand FeelCoarser Smooth
Pore SizeMuch larger pore sizeInterconnected Open Pore
As the observation, the melamine sponge is coarser than the PVA block sponge. The coarser surface on the melamine sponge becomes a very good for scrubbing the contaminant on the substrate surface. Unfortunately, the rough surface may cut or scratch the substrate surface too.

Scrubbing Performance

The Melamine Sponge is easily deformed

On the other hand, the PVA block sponge is more durable. The PVA sponge able to remain it shape through out the cleaning process. The smooth hand feel gives assurance for surface protection from scratch.

Even additional force is applied through out the scrubbing process,the PVA sponge will immediate return to it original shape once the force is released. In contrast, the melamine sponge has poor retained ability. the sponge will deform even a few scrubs.

Through our testing, the melamine sponge is totally deform after a cleaning cycle. Base on the testing, it is not suitable for industrial cleaning especially those cleaning process which require high cleaning requirement.

For industrial cleaning, PVA sponge still be the main selection. The overall mechanical properties, durability and also water retention ability are favourable. Even though in latest application, the PVA sponge has extended it application into surface polishing on Stainless steel plate. The high impurity sponge material gives a good advantages to minimize the surface scratch.

Even though we are seeing better performance by comparing these 2 sponge materials, however the melamine sponge still dominate in household application. This is partly the the contribution of low cost for this sponge. However, comes to industrial surface cleaning, PVA sponge still the first choice.

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