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Cleaning Concept Apply in HDD Media Cleaning Process

PVA Sponge Brush Use in HDD Process

PVA Sponge Brush Uses in HDD Process

After we published the article about the important for choosing suitable detergent for ultrasonic cleaning process, we receive a comment from a reader who wants to find out some basic of HDD media cleaning process. Knowing that hard disc drive is very particular in surface cleanliness, the reader want to learn and see what he could learn and converted some of the cleaning knowledge to his own cleaning process.

As most people aware, Hard Disc Drive (HDD) is one of the processes which require high demanding in surface cleaning. In reality, the media uses in the HDD process need the most cleaning attention.

The Surface Requirement in HDD Media

The storage density in a HDD media is getting higher. Currently, the HDD industry is working on 2TB storage density in a single platter. In order to achieve such high density, cleaning engineer is working on various cleaning methods and processes in order to keep the media surface as clean as possible.

Field Engineer has to figure out various cleaning methods in order to remove the nano-size particle which securely attached on the media surface. In a microscopic world, the Van-der-Waals force on a small particle is magnified to an enormous attraction force to attract the particle drop-off from the media substrate surface.

Cleaning Processes in HDD Media Cleaning

Surface Cleaning Detergent

Surface Cleaning Detergent

The Field Engineer will setup their media cleaning processes base on the unique contaminant or particle which have to remove. The cleaning processes may vary base on individual requirement however there are some cleaning fundamentals which we could learn.

  • Detergent. The surfactant in the detergent could help to breakdown the attraction force between the contaminant and the media.
  • Ultrasonic or Megasonic cleaning. Field Engineer applies Ultrasonic or even Megasonic power with the purpose to dislodge the particle from the media surface.
  • Over flow Cleaning Process.
  • Soak Clean Cleaning Process.
  • Scrubbing process. PVA sponge pad or PVA scrubber will be the station introduce mechanical force on the media surface for contaminant removal.

From above simple explanation, there is no single solution for surface contaminant cleaning. We need to use various processes and setup for dedicate contaminant removal purpose.

Dedicate Cleaning Tools Design

After knowing and determine the fundamental cleaning processes, field engineer has to look into every aspect in the cleaning tools in order all the cleaning details is well taking care off. Moreover, the tools have to design such a way that the contaminant remove from the media surface could be discharged to avoid cross contamination.

In HDD media cleaning, many cleaning tools are tailor made for dedicate purpose. DST is not working in cleaning tools design but our partner, Maxwaytec Engineering, does offer cleaning tools design for customer.

In short, HDD cleaning or media cleaning process is a station which requires experience and dedication in cleaning knowledge.

The cleaning philosophy and requirement for non HDD cleaning process is becoming demanding than ever before. DST is focusing in providing better cleaning knowledge and support to Malaysia and South East Asia Country. We have many products such as detergents and PVA sponge or brush which have been widely used in the cleaning industry and process.

We are glad for having the opportunity to work with you and ensure that you will not be alone in the cleaning process improvement.

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