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Square PVA Sponge

Square PVA Sponge

Square PVA Sponge

In DST, we have work with many customers on various design of PVA sponge, most of the sponge is coming in roller form regardless it size and surface morphology. However, we do have a square PVA sponge which has been neglected.

Currently the square PVA sponge only supply to dedicate user who has the needs but not commonly distribute. We believe there are many users not aware we do have square PVA sponge in the market.

Here we would like to introduce our square PVA sponge and hope that you could make use of this sponge in your cleaning process.

Size of Square PVA Sponge

So far, we only have one standard size of square PVA sponge. Here is the detail:

  • Size is 80*120*35mm (T).
  • Material: High Density PVA
  • Colour: light yellow
  • Packing: Individual pack with minimum moisture

Is Square PVA Sponge Commonly Used?

A roller type of sponge roller is commonly seen in cleaning process, however the light yellow colour square PVA sponge mostly use for machine or tools cleaning purpose especially wet surface dehydration.

Some Application of Square PVA Sponge

  • Wet surface dehydration. During a cleaning process, water will have the opportunity to spill out and stay on the machine surface and surrounding. Process operator will use this square PVA sponge to remove the water and keep the surface clean and dry.
  • Remove dirt and surface contamination. Process operator will use the square sponge to wipe the dirty tool surface for maintaining a clean tool.
  • Chemical coating purpose. PVA is a material resist to most chemical, this include acid and alkaline chemical solution. The square PVA sponge will soak with some chemical for cleaning and surface coating purpose.

Could Square PVA Sponge Sustain in Chemical?

PVA sponge suitable for many type of chemical, this includes alkaline base or acidic base solution. However the sponge may not be suitable for several kind solvent such as Keton or Acetone.

You may check with DST about the PVA sponge selection or get a small sample to test it.

We believe field engineers should be able to make use of square PVA sponge through-out the process, we also confident this newly launch product will sustain in the market.  Contact DST to understand more about square type PVA sponge.

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