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Product name: Turboclean


Model: TC1


  1. Neutral base surface cleaning detergent.
  2. General-purpose surface cleaning, especially for particulate and oily contaminate
  3. Good for stubborn stain removal
  4. Very suitable for metal and marble surface.


Turboclean detergent is a light tan liquid specially formulate for general surface cleaning.  This neutral base surface cleaning detergent works well with metal and flooring surface, such as marble and tile surface.

Turboclean detergent can be diluted 10-20 times dilution and still maintain a rich in bubble foam.  The detergent also effective in removing stubborn surface stain mark and oily spot. 

Application Procedure

Turboclean detergent could be easily applied on the contaminant surface; here are the starting up cleaning flow:

  1. Wetting the contaminant surface.
  2. Spray the diluted Turboclean work solution on the contaminant surface.
  3. Keep the detergent on the contaminant surface for 2 minutes.
  4. Scrub the surface with a brush, preferably nylon brush.
  5. Wash out the contaminant surface with a high pressure water jet.


Turboclean detergent comes in 3 Packing Container size:

  1. 1L container
  2. 5L container
  3. 10L container

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