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The PVA Foam in Household

PVA Wiper I
PVA Wiper

The PVA foam or PVA sponge is a synthetic foam that develops 50years ago. For the past 10 years, many industries have introduced PVA sponge in their process. Such as the semiconductor industry, medical, household, agriculture and wastewater treatment processes.

In DST, we mainly focus on supplying PVA products for industrial used. However, we have also expanded our services and products into the wastewater treatment sector recently. Moreover, these 2 sectors rely on profound surface cleaning knowledge which best suit our expertise.

We expected to see more PVA foam products in household application.

PVA Foam Application

We can see sponge related product in household application such as the dish washing sponge, pillow, cushion or bed. But most of those sponges are not PVA material. In general, a PVA foam is a durable sponge which able to withstand extensive scrubbing activity. It is very suitable uses in surface cleaning and scrubbing.

PVA Sponge - Chamois Towel
PVA Chamois Towel

Household Application

In general, the cost of PVA foam is much more higher than ordinary household sponge. Even though the cost is higher, we are seeing some benefits for using PVA sponge products in household.

  1. PVA Sponge Sheet. This is a 2mm sheet foam towel can be used for surface scrubbing.
  2. PVA chamois towel. The PVA chamois towel is a famous towel uses in swimming pool.
  3. Facial foam. The wetted PVA foam is suitable for facial mask too.

Many consumers start seeing the advantages of PVA foam and they are the main driver bringing this product into household application. We are expecting to see more PVA sponge product in household.

Household PVA Sponge
Household PVA Sponge

PVA Foam Roller and detergent

The roller is a common design in wet transferring process. Many industrial cleaning processes, the process engineer will uses PVA sponge roller for part transferring. Now, the similar concept is used in household surface cleaning.

Another advantages about the foam is detergent compatibility. The PVA foam is compatible with almost all household detergent, such as dish washing liquid or general floor cleaner.

The Foam Colour

In industrial application, the foam normally comes in white colour. This is giving the advantage to the cleaning field engineer to identify a contaminated foam. But for household application, people tend to have colourful sponge to suit their own preferences.

We have equipped ourselves and develop a proper colour dye process. We have dyed several colours on our foam, such as blue, green, grey colour. Feel free to let us know if you need a colour dye foam.

The Wet Stage and Dry Stage

The foam is manufacturing at wet stage, hence, the ordinary foam is packed under wet stage. In some occasion, we could dehydrate the sponge and turn it into dry stage. This makes the sponge more convenient for shipping and handling.

Anyway, user could soak the dry-foam into a water reservoir for several minutes in order to wetted the foam. We also remind our user to fully soak the sponge before put in into application.

This is a general introduction about the PVA foam, a product which getting famous in household application. You are always welcome writing to us to find out more about our foam.

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