The Uses of Surface Spray Cleaner

Surface Cleaner
Surface Cleaner

The EC brand surface spray cleaner is a general multi-purpose cleaning solution for Malaysia market.  Many surfaces may accumulate a cluster of grime if the contaminant is not cleaned properly, this could be due to grease or oil film will deposit on substance surface.  The contaminant becomes stubborn and making cleaning become challenging with ordinary detergent. 

Now, with the launch of EC Surface Spray Cleaner, this helps us to remove the contaminant in a more effective way.

In short, you need an effective surface cleaner spray in order to carry out the surface cleaning job.  This is where the EC Brand Surface Cleaner served.

The EC Surface Spray Cleaner in Malaysia

The EC Brand Surface Cleaner comes in a 500ml spray bottle.  With a simple turning the nozzle, then you could spray the cleaner toward the contaminated surface.  This surface spray cleaner very suitable for localizing cleanings such as stove top, table or handrail.  The handy packing will give you the most convenient to carry over the surface cleaning.

EC Surface Cleaner is helping you to carry out the cleaning job effectively.

Clean the Table and Handrail

We would like to show you how easy we clean up a contaminated idle table and handrail.

The Contaminated Table Surface
The table was idle for a while and the surface has been covered with yellowish colour dirt and mould mark.  Just pointed and spray the light blue colour surface cleaner toward the contaminant.  By visual, you could start seeing the dirt already detached from the table surface.  This makes the wiping process becomes easy.

Take a cloth, gently remove the contaminant.  You can always wipe second time with wet cloth, this mainly for those who want to have less cleaner residue on the surface.

Now is the moment for you could enjoy a clean table for works.

The Contaminant on Hand Rail
The handrail is the most contacted surface within the office.  Hence, it also becomes an area easy to accumulates contaminant.  Many have performed a routine handrail sanitize unfortunately sanitizer does not help in removing the contaminant.  Even the most wanted Dettol multi-purpose surface cleaner only promotes surface sanitized.

In order to keep a clean handrail, uses EC brand surface cleaner.  The detergent ingredient in the surface cleaner promotes cleaning effectiveness.  During surface cleaning, the surface is cleaned and the germs are removed.

Spray the EC surface cleaner on the handrail.  Because of the groove on the handrail, this makes the wiping process becomes less effective.  In certain occasion, you may have to spray second time in order for better cleaning result.  In general, the cleaned handrail looks new after the wipe off.

Why Use EC Surface Cleaner

EC Surface Cleaner is a dedicated formulation for you to carry out general surface cleaning.  You could apply the EC Surface Cleaner on almost any hard surface, such as Mable, metal or laminated surface

During the cleaning process, the detergent not only cleans up the area but also achieve surface disinfectant cleaning purpose.

The detergent ingredient will breakdown the contaminant and helps you to wipe off easily.  For area cover with heavy oil stain marks, such as kitchen, vacuum hood or exhaust fan, you need to apply the EC Oil Clean Solution for better cleaning result.

In Malaysia, you have the opportunity to have this multi-purpose surface cleaner for any hard surface cleaningContact EC Specialty for more information or visit us on Facebook.

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