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PVA Foam Cube

PVA Foam Cube
PVA Foam Cube

The PVA foam cube is a new product derives from the PVA sponge. This porous cubic type of sponge can be used in wastewater treatment industry as a moving bed bioreactor components. Furthermore, the foam cube is the latest biological filter to replace the plastic PE material.

Meanwhile, we anticipate the foam cube shall becomes popular as it will promotes better biological activity either in aerobic or anaerobic condition.

PVA Foam Cube becomes the important component in industrial wastewater treatment process.

The Cubic type of PVA Foam

The PVA foam cube is specially make for wastewater treatment industry as a moving bed bioreactor components (MBBR). The main advantages is that the porous cube becomes the carrier for holding up large amount of microorganism. By the way, the foam cube is the latest biological filter to replace the plastic PE material.

General Introduction About PVA Foam Cube

The PVA foam cube could be used as a MBBR components for promoting better microorganism grow. By the way, the PVA foam is a substance free from plasticize, phthalates or any other harmful chemical to human. Furthermore, the foam will biodegrade along the time and will not cause secondary contamination to the tank.

Meanwhile, there are 2 significant advantages after converting into this cubic foam. The main improvement is because the microorganism is consuming more organic substance in the tank.

  1. Improve nitrification degradation
  2. Better COD degradation

Why Using the PVA Foam Cube

With the latest technology development, we are seeing people start using PVA sponge to replace the traditional PE plastic. The sponge is having additional advantages other than the PE plastic, this include:

  1. Increase the amount of microorganism in the aeration tank.
  2. The porous structure become a better microorganism carrier.
  3. Hydrophilic characteristic which has higher treatment efficiency.
  4. Reduce the aeration tank foot print due to effective surface area within the cube.
  5. Better microorganism growing environment.


The PVA foam comes in hydrophilic nature, this means the foam could easily buoy in the sludge tank without additional force. In addition, the foam will flow in the sludge tank and get becomes the best carrier for the microorganism.

Meanwhile, the application is easy and straight forward. User just has to manually pour in the foam cube into the aeration tank, and the cubic foam will naturally mix into the tank.

For the aged PVA foam, the foam will degrade and dispose naturally into the tank. Furthermore, the by-product for PVA foam is water and C-H organic substance. Meanwhile, the decomposition process is taken more than 6 months time base on the expose temperature and sunlight exposure.

Dimension and Packaging

Below is the standardize foam cube dimension but we could cut into other dimension base on customer needs.

  1. Material: PVA Sponge Material
  2. Dimension: 30*30*30mm
  3. Pore Size: 1000um
  4. Colour: White

The PVA foam cube definitely is one of the technology break-through for achieving better wastewater process ability. However, it may take some time for user migrating from the existing PE plastic to the PVA sponge material.

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