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Some Rust Surface Removal Tools

Sanding Sponge
Sanding Sponge

Rust surface could be removed by mechanical force or chemistry surface treatment process.  There are several common rust removal tools available in the market; I would like to name a few common tools for rust removal.  One thing we would like to emphasize that the tools which we name here could be used for many surface removal, such is paint, contaminant mark, rough surface, and rust removal could be one of the application.

Rust Removal Tools

With high demanding surface cleanliness requirement, engineer has developed various kinds of rust removal tools and utility for helping the field engineer to carry out the surface cleaning job.  Over here, we name a few rust removal tools. 

Twist Wire Brush
Twist Wire Brush
  1. Sanding spongeThe sanding sponge is a squared sponge covered with abrasive.  It is something like sandpaper, instead of adhering the abrasive on a paper, is coated on a PVA sponge.  The sanding sponge is able to remove the rusted surface together with the abrasive liquid.  With appropriate selection of sanding sponge abrasive size as well as the working abrasive liquid, the user is able to get better surface finishing for rust removal.
  2. Twist wire and copper brush.  Twisted wire is a cup size brush install on a hand grinder.  The heavy-duty twisted wire will mechanically remove the rusty surface.  The twisted wire will heavily scratch the surface.  For a mild rusty surface, the user could consider using a copper brush.
  3. Sandblasting.  Sandblasting is a common process used for smoothing a metal surface.  The abrasive material is sprayed with a compressed air toward a metal surface.  The abrasive is moving so fast that it immediately scrape the metal surface and removing the upper layer.  A rusty layer which deposits on the outer surface will be removed accordingly.
    There are several types of sandblasting process & abrasive material available in the market, you have the select the appropriate setup in order to get the surface finishing you want.
  4. Laser rust removal machine.  This is a unique rust removal machine which emitted a high energy laser beam.  User shall move the laser beam on the contaminant spot.  The contaminant surface will immediately carbonize and vapourize.
    One of the advantages for laser rust removal device is a highly efficient unit for rust removal, furthermore, no contaminant left over.
Laser Rust Removal Machine
Laser Rust Removal Machine

How to select the Rust Removal Tools

There are many type of rust removal tools available in the market, user could only choose the appropriate tools base on the actual situation.  Many tools are good to operate in the manufacturing shop floor but not at the site.

In the article, how to remove the rust on Tsing Ma bridge?  We are showing you some procedure and tested, more important how to select the appropriate tool.

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