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PVA Sponge Roller Design

Cleaning efficiency is always affected by the characteristic of PVA sponge roller as well as the sponge roller surface design.  There are many type of PVA sponge rollers design for cleaning application.  All the sponge roller design deserves for it own application for dedicate cleaning purpose.

In this article, we are going to introduce several common surface designs and it mains application.


Roller design

Roller design could be understand like a cylindrical in shape.  This is the originate design for the sponge roller during manufacturing.

PVA sponge roller

PVA sponge roller

PVA sponge with roller design is widely used for surface dehydration process.  The wet substance will transfer across the PVA sponge roller and the sponge roller will dehydrate the wet surface.  Some time the PVA sponge roller not only dehydrate the wet surface it also act as a stopper to reduce chemical contaminant carry over from tank to tank.

PVC tube is the commonly used for the core of PVA sponge roller.  The PVA roller will adhere on the tube with dedicate epoxy.


Spline roller design

Spline design sponge roller is the roller selection for a cleaning process

Spline Roller design

Spline roller

requires additional scrubbing force.  We could see spline sponge roller uses in the cleaning process which cleaning engineer requires scrubbing force to removing the contaminant on the cleaned substance.

Through the rotation between the cleaned substance and spline roller, the force is increase and many stubborn contaminants are removed.

Manufacturer requires a dedicate spline roller mold in order for making the spline roller.


Nodular roller design

Nodular sponge roller is developed for the application that requires less

Nodular PVA Sponge Roller

Nodular PVA Sponge Roller

contact force but more liquid flow over.  Nodular sponge roller is purposely design with less contact force than spline roller but more liquid or detergent flow over.

The most for the cleaning process, detergent always spray from outside of the cleaned substance or flow through the inner core of the sponge roller toward the cleaned substance surface.  The nodular design will facilitate the detergent flow toward the cleaned substance surface.  The nodular PVA will scrub the surface and the detergent will flush off those loose contaminants without stay too long on the sponge roller surface.


There is many other surface design sponge roller for cleaning process, and above are the 3 mostly used sponge roller design in cleaning industry.  We have seen many other designs such as non-symmetrical design that suit for dedicate cleaning process.  The application for non-symmetrical design always comes from certain application needs and also a proprietary design for dedicate process owner.



DST Technology

DST Technology

DST Technology is a company with the capability and willingness to work with customer to explore all sort of PVA sponge roller surface design.  We value our knowledge and expertise in the cleaning field, we look forward to contribute our knowledge working together with our customer for achieving better cleaning result.

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