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There are wide range off applications and PVA sponge roller in the market, in this webpage, we would like to share with you some of the common product catalogues for your perusal.

PVA Sponge Roller

  1. PVA Sponge Technical Data Sheet
  2. PVA Roller for Hard Disc and Semicon
  3. PVA Roller for Hard Disc and Wafer
  4. PVA Roller for PCB
  5. PVA Roller for Tyre Mfg
  6. Sheet Form PVA Foam Wiper
  8. PVA Nodular Sponge Roller 60-32-216mm
  9. Top Brush
  10. Bevel Brush


  1. DG-038
  2. Turbo Clean 1A
  3. Turbo Clean 7/6
  4. Rust Out
  5. Rust Dissolver
  6. Paint Stripper
  7. Cement Splash Clean-up
  8. Oil Clean Solution
  9. Table Surface Cleaner
  10. Fast Dry Solution

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