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Precision Cleaning Technology

While we are enjoying many technical gadgets, do you ever think about the contribution from field engineer who works day and night to break through the technical barrier?  Among the technical barriers, the improvement in precision cleaning technology is ever since that important as before.

cleaning technology

cleaning technology

From our interactive with many Hi-Tech factories, not surprise to see dedicate department whose role are providing precision cleaning on the substance.  They are the group of field engineers who focus on cleaning technology that be able to achieve a precise requirement.

Cleaning Technology – Mechanical Effect

Scrubbing is the direct and straight forward mechanical cleaning effect and PVA sponge roller is one of the effective scrubbing media to carry out this job.  Many contaminant attached on the cleaned substance surface will be removed after scrubbing with PVA sponge roller.  Through difference design of PVA sponge roller, field engineer is able to achieve various cleaning result.

Clean by using ultrasonic or mega-sonic cleaning technology.  Ultrasonic is a high speed and efficient cleaning technology that using sound energy to remove the contaminant rested on the substance surface.  Further more, ultrasonic also the solution for penetrating into those part with geometry obstacle to hand.

Cleaning Technology – Chemical Effect

Select various surface tension detergents for removing the contaminant.  Field engineer could base on the product requirement selecting difference cleaning detergent, such as difference water contact angle, hydrophilic or hydrophobic surface.

Detergent is diluted to working solution concentration.  The cleaning detergent can always use either soak cleaning or spray cleaning setup.   At the cleaning station, the contaminant is removed off by the over-flowing detergent.

Another cleaning technology is using various size of air bubblegenerating in the detergent solution.  The air bubble could be generated via difference nozzle design.  The air bubble will attach on the cleaned substance surface and removing the contaminant.

Nodular Roller

Nodular PVA Sponge Roller

Cleaning Technology – Chemical and Mechanical Effect

In a practical cleaning process, field engineer requires setup a cleaning system which may include various cleaning steps.  Every cleaning process could consist with difference cleaning technology in order for over-coming dedicate contaminant.

One of the common cleaning technology setup is using PVA sponge roller to scrub the cleaned substance surface under spray rinse process.  The PVA sponge roller will provide mechanical scrubbing force for removing stubborn contaminant whereby the spray rinse detergent will flush away the contaminant.

Field engineer requires understanding the contaminant characteristic to be removed in the substance surface, using dedicates cleaning technology or automation equipment for removing the contaminant.

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