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Household Manual Bubble Soap Dispenser

Manual Hand Soap Dispenser
Manual Hand Soap Dispenser

Recently we work on a manual bubble soap dispenser, this bottle is different than the ordinary container. This dispenser will generate a fine bubble when pressed the handle

In the ordinary hand cleaning process, we have to get our hands wet before putting some cleaning solution or soap on the hand.  With this bubble hand soap dispenser, it is easier for hand cleaning and also saving detergent.

Uses the household bubble hand soap dispenser for more effective hand cleaning.

Manual Bubble Hand Soap Dispenser Specification


This hand soap dispenser is very suitable for household application. The small size bottle able to placed on any handwash basin. Below is the product specification.

Volume: 250ml
Material: PP material
Colour: Cap – White Colour
Bottle – Clear

Why Bubble Hand Soap Dispenser?

The detergent always comes with a hand sanitizer bottle, but the bottle only pumps out the detergent liquid.  Moreover, within a single press, we tend to press an extensive amount of detergent.  And this causes a substantial amount of hand detergent during the hand washing process.  Base on our observation, most of the detergent is flushing away before the full bubble form.

With a hand soap dispenser, the hand cleaning process becomes more simple and straight forward.  When pressing the handle, the fine foam will discharge directly from the dispenser.  After that, you could rub the bubble throughout your hand and follow with clean water flushing.  It’s really fun and effective while come to hand cleaning with this unique dispenser.

In addition, it is easier to flush away the bubble form detergent even with limited water.

How Bubble being Form?

The soap dispenser looks similar to an ordinary container, but if you look closely, there is a small mixing pump in the dispenser.  The small pump cartridge is where the diluted detergent mixed with air.  Hence, a cluster of bubbles is generated under this mechanism.
The fine bubble discharge from the dispenser. This shows that the bubble mechanism works very well with this soap solution.

Detergent Used in Bubble Hand Soap Dispenser

You could use any detergent as long as it is diluted and in liquid form.  For example, the ordinary hand washes detergent, you could dilute the detergent with 5-10times dilution.  Fully shake the diluted detergent to avoid detergent sediment.

Because we are diluting the hand soap, so the detergent consumption is much lesser as compared to the original solution.

Please write to us if you want to get this hand soap dispenser or you could buy it from our appointed e-commerce shop, EC Clean, Lazada.  Get yourselves a manual bubble hand soap dispenser; refill the hand wash detergent with more savings.

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