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Liquid Hand Cleaning Detergent Formulation

There are many liquid hand detergents available in the market.  Sometime consumers are very confusing about which detergent brands we should select.  It is very subjective concern which involves individual preferences and brand recognition.

DST as a detergent formulation and surface cleaning company, we are able to formulate detergent base on customer’s cleaning requirement. We would like to reveal some formulation about hand soap formulation.  In this article, we are going to talk slightly more about the liquid hand soap formulation.

Basic ingredient of Hand Wash Detergent

Detergent Ingredient

The first component for detergent is surfactant selection.  Surface additive is the key component for liquid detergent, in general, most of the detergent contain with Sodium Laureth Sulfate, SLS.  However, the liquid form SLS may not be suitable as it may not be easily transfer to hand without flowing away, or wasted.

The surface has to add some other composition act as a thickener for the liquid hand detergentThe thickener comes with the purpose to hold the surface additive evenly within the solution and also more easy to transfer to the user’s hand without waste.  Many hand wash detergent comes in liquid form but high viscosity.  The high viscosity solution is helping the user to contain the additive throughout the transformation process.  There are many thickeners available in the market, Sodium Chloride, NaCl, is one of them.

Improve Ingredient of Hand Wash Detergent

The basic hand wash detergent formulation has the with appropriate surfactant formulation and thickener combination.  However, the user expects more features in the hand wash detergent.  One of the common features in the market is the moistening effect.  The hand always feel dry after hand cleaning. we even come across some user apply moisture cream after the hand wash with detergent.

There are some liquid detergent comes in milky white solution, and claim with moisturising effect.  Do you really think the detergent really premix with moisturising cream?  Of course it doesn’t.  The detergent manufacture will add an ingredient into the formulation, the ingredient will residue a thin layer on our hand surface after wash, this will let the user feel moisturizing effect.

Besides the moisturising effect, the detergent also comes with pleasure fragrance effect.  The fragrance smell shall detain on the hand but not flush away by the water.  The chemist has the way to select the appropriate ingredient and added into the detergent formulation. 

Enhance Ingredient in Hand Wash Detergent

User is always demanding.   Now we already have a liquid hand detergent not only effective to wash away contaminant, but also moisturising and fragrance smell.  Customer needs a better and attractive solution pattern.

DST has very much experience in detergent formulation.  We are familiar in selecting appropriate surfactant for cleaning up dedicate surface contaminant.  In order to make the detergent more colourful and attractive, one of the action is adding in some opacifier.  Due to difference melting point character, the substance could form difference structure in the detergent solution.  This makes the detergent more unique and attractive.

With our experience and commitment in cleaning industry, our goal is formulate dedicated cleaning detergent for cleaning industry.  Please contact DST about your cleaning needs.

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