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Is Chlorine Dioxide Solution and Bleach The Same?


We are very familiar with the bleach solution because many families use a bleach solution to remove the dirty stain on the shirt.  Bleach is the common product name, the chemistry name is Sodium Hypochlorite, NaClO.  Bleach is a very good product if you are looking for discolouration on a fabric.  However, the oxidation capability is much lower than Chlorine Dioxide.

By large, Chlorine Dioxide is a better disinfection substance as compared to bleach.  The active oxidation capability maintains at a high level regardless of the solution pH.  Let us quickly compare both the products.

Bleach Compare with Chlorine Dioxide

How we get Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine Dioxide is the resultant after Sodium Hypochlorite reacted with Hydrochloric Acid.  The bleach, Sodium hypochlorite, has a higher amount of composition to consume with an organic substance, this brings the advantages for the bleach to sanitize the contaminant on fabric. 

Chlorine Dioxide has a higher ability in oxidation capability compare to bleach, this lead to the substance is more favourable for disinfection.  Perhaps, the

Some advantages about Chlorine Dioxide

Both the strong oxidation power and chlorination ability make chlorine dioxide a suitable disinfectant substance.  It kills a wide spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi.  Perhaps, the drinking water in water treatment plant also goes through the disinfection process by using Chlorine Dioxide, just that the Chlorine level shall below 0.3mg/L before reaching to the consumer.

Many studies have proven that Chlorine Dioxide is more giving better disinfection capability than bleach.  A 100ppm Chlorine Dioxide has been proven to kill all bacteria, perhaps, a lower 10ppm Chlorine already able to kill 2/3 of the bacteria.

A salty seawater is known with many microorganism, study also proven that the seawater with 1mg/L (1000ppm) of Chlorine Dioxide is able to leave no survival after 30sec.

Chlorine Dioxide
Chlorine Dioxide Tablet

How easy we could get Chlorine Dioxide

So far, we know Chlorine Dioxide should be used for disinfection purpose, and the bleach solution (Sodium Hypochlorite) shall be kept for cloth discolouration.  How we could get the Chlorine Dioxide?  In EC Specialty Supplies, they do provide the table form of Chlorine Dioxide tablet.  With a simple procedure, the user could convert the effervescent Chlorine Dioxide tablet into an appropriate solution.

There are many challenges we are facing now, we worry about environmental disinfection, maintaining a safe working environment for staff, health risk, disinfection cost, etc.  Choosing the right disinfectant principle and the technical solution becomes critical.   In this case, think about chlorine dioxide.

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