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Famous PVA Sponge Roller Manufacturer

PVA sponge roller has been widely used in many cleaning process.  Apart from cleaning purpose, there are also many other applications for sponge roller such as surface dehydration purpose.

Due to various application and vast market demand, we are seeing more and more manufacturers involved in producing PVA sponge roller.

In our previous few articles, we introduce several criteria for selecting an appropriate sponge roller for individual cleaning process.  We also high light the importance of LPC count if particle removal is the major concern for the cleaning.

In this article, we will introduce several well know PVA sponge roller manufacturers.


KJF PVA sponge roller

KJF is one of the important PVA sponge roller manufacturers in Taiwan.  The company consists with 8 major researcher, many are the also holding a PhD degree and professor position in Taiwan Tung-Hai University.

KJF starts the PVA sponge roller manufacturing since year 1986.  Since year 2008, KJF move forward to high end PVA sponge roller, this sponge roller is targeted use in many semiconductor and hard disc drive industry.

Hard disc drive and semiconductor are the 2 industries which requires high standard of PVA sponge quality.  The sponge need to be able to clean the substance surface without harming or introducing new contaminant, such as particle.

KJF also commit in customer support.  They are focus and with the talent to work with customer for providing optimize sponge roller product for customers dedicate process.


Aion PVA sponge roller

Aion is the famous Japan brand PVA sponge roller, the manufacturer is Kanebo.  Kanebo is a worldwide famous company with various products categories.  They have more than 60 researchers in supporting the continual product development.

Lately Kanebo is focus in developing high end PVA sponge roller product which for dedicate cleaning process.  The manufacturer for traditional PVA sponge roller with dehydration purpose has ceased due to cost concern.

Due to it wide product variety, we are not surprise if we are hearing the lagging response from this sponge roller ancestor.


Rippey PVA Sponge roller

Rippey is US base manufacturer.  Their sponge roller also be widely used many high end industry.  US base company always have the advantages as most for the hard disc drive and semiconductor are originate from US design centre.

As a US base company, they have the initial chance to work with the design centre, this make their sponge roller always appears as part of the manufacturer consumable.

We are seeing many creative sponge roller design initiate by this company, this is also part of the initiative they shows in the industry.

The US and Japan base sponge roller manufacturer own their status in the cleaning industry since the beginning.  However with the immerging of the ability on Taiwan manufacturer, Taiwan made PVA sponge roller has gained it reputation in the cleaning industry.


The collaboration between KJF and DST Technology has brought many advantages for the cleaning process at this region.  We are technical viable for supporting customer with optimize sponge roller products, quality products that assure an expectable performance as well as competitive in pricing.

Kindly contact DST Technology if you have any concern cleaning process, either sponge roller or detergent.  Let us be your partner along the cleaning improvement process.

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      TQ for your message assure our status in PVA sponge manufacturer industry. We have been in cleaning industry for many years including manufacture PVA sponge roller, detergent and other related chemistry. Unfortunately we are unable to disclose those proprietary information to you as this is part of our core business. Hope you understanding.
      However, we are always welcome if you need us to supply PVA sponge roller for your process needs.

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