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FS-A Fast Dry Solution

Fast Dry Solution
Fast Dry Solution

Fast Dry Solution is a common rinsing agent used in the cleaning process. FS-A solution is a Fast Dry Solution which very suitable to dry a wetting surface without leaving any residual.  The substrate which goes through a cleaning process shall immediately pass through a drying process unfortunately it takes time to dry off the surface.  There will be some deficiencies occur if the drying process is having longer time than expected, one of the major deficiency is the residue of water stain mark on the substrate surface

There are many ways to dry a wet substrate surface and one of the choices is applying the quick rinsing solution, such as FS-A.

What is Fast Dry Solution?

FS-A solution is a rinsing solution.  The purpose of a fast dry solution is to help the water on the substrate surface dry faster than others.  The product after gone through the FS-A solution rinsing is having at least 50% faster in drying time.

FS-A Features
FS-A FeaturesFS-A Features

FS-A not only helps the substrate dry faster but also leave no residue on the product surface.  This is to ensure the product will remain “clean” after the go through the FS-A solution.

The FS-A solution is a dedicate quick-drying formulation which having the below features:

  1. Non toxic
  2. Non bubble
  3. No residue

User applies our FS-A solution mostly via below two methods:

  1. The product entirely soak in the FS-A solution and remove out from the solution
  2. Spray the FS-A solution on the product before drying

Either method helps to improve the drying time.  User could apply the method base on individual process setup.

How Fast Dry Solution Works

There are two reasons that affected surface tension characteristic.

  1. Nature of substrate surface.
  2. The cleaning detergent varies the surface tension.

The FS-A Fast Dry Solution is a dedicate formulation which help to lower down the substance surface tension.  After applied FS-A on the substrate surface, it will quickly break down the original surface tension barrier, this will let the water quickly to evaporate.

Another beauty of FS-A is that it is a non foam formulation.  This means the Fast drying solution will not generate bubble and stay on the substrate surface. 

Where to Use FS-A Solution

FS-A solution works in many applications, one of the common applications is in Dish Washer process.  During the final dish washing process, the dish washing machine shall spread the Fast Dry solution on the disc before it is moved for drying.

Next time while you are having your dinner in any 5-star hotel or restaurant, their plate is most like to go through the Fast Drying solution.  You shall never see any water stain mark on the disc.

Please kindly contact DST if your process or product needs quick drying.  Maybe the FS-A Fast Drying Solution suits your needs.

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