Understand Further Colour Dye PVA Sponge

We had revealed our understanding of colour dye PVA sponge with our user.  Meanwhile, we also review the methodology for removing the colour dye or colorant inherent in a solution.  In this article, we would like to talk about the PVA sponge status after it being dye with colour.

Colour Dye Sponge
Colour Dye Sponge

As we discuss earlier, the porous structure is the reason why the PVA sponge is easily being dye with colorant.  We have carried some test so that our reader could also evaluate the sponge condition.

Colour Dye PVA Sponge

We had carried out some test here on the colour dye sponge.  Here are the summary:

Could Colour Dye Sponge resume the original colour?
Could Colour Dye Sponge able to resume to original colour?
  1. Wash the colour-dye PVA sponge.
    The colour-dye PVA sponge has been washed with running fresh city water with squeezing 50 times.  By visual inspection, we do not observe significant colour wash out.
    Through our observation, we believe the colour has been fixed on the PVA sponge.  From the experiments, we could conclude the porous structure of PVA sponge gives a high degree of colour fastness too.  Once the colour being dye on the sponge, it is hard to remove by ordinary cleaning.
  2. Soak a new white colour PVA sponge in the colour solution.
    A small piece of PVA sponge is purposely soaked in the red colour solution, the sponge being removed within a minute.  The sponge turns to red colour after a soak in the solution.
  3. Cut the colour-dye sponge
    We cut the colour-dye sponge, observe the entire sponge from outer surface to the inner portion.  From our soaking sample, the entire sponge turns into dye colour.

Differentiate Sponge Discolouration & Colour Dye

PVA Sponge Discolouration

User may come across some PVA sponge which turns mild yellowish; the mild discolouration is due to the aging of PVA sponge.  Whereby, the dye-sponge is due to colorant being developed on the PVA sponge.

Sometime we may have difficulty to descript literally for both the sponge discolouration and dye, but user should be able to differentiate both by visual.

Could the Colour Dye Leach Out?

There are many applications in PVA sponge.  In industrial cleaning, the PVA sponge in white colour.  However, for domestic use such as PVA towel and PVA mop, all are purposely colour dye.  The colour dye on the PVA sponge is always well fixed, throughout the life span of the product, we do not experience any leach out.

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