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How to Clean a Gas Stove with Oil Clean Solution

Steps to use Oil Clean Solution

The gas stove is always the place easily cover with various cooking oil stain mark.  How to effectively clean the gas stove has become one of the top priority in order to keep a clean kitchen. A dedicate housewife will ask you to clean the gas stove with detergent right after every cooking.  Even though […]

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Rust Dissolver

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PVA Sponge Roller Cleanliness Concern

PVA sponge roller is the common cleaning commodity used in many cleaning processes, ensure the PVA sponge roller cleanliness becomes more critical in recent cleaning needs.  DST understand customers’ need and supplying quality PVA sponge roller becomes our primary goal through-out our organization. Basic of PVA Cleaning Process Our PVA sponge roller all clean in […]

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