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3 interesting Statistic Distribution

Statistic modelling is always an interesting topic which describes the many phenomenons.  Normal Distribution is a well-known distribution to many of us.  However, I would like to introduce another 2 important statistic distribution in this article. 6-sigma methodology is a quality management tool which very popular in the manufacturing environment.  Effort and preventing actions have […]

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment in Malaysia

We have been working with many industrial waste water treatment companies along with our business development.  Base on Malaysia’s DOE regulation, contaminated water shall be processed so that it could fulfil the discharge criteria.  As a company focus on industrial cleaning, DST always keeps a good practice to understand the country water discharge regulation. On […]

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Will Magnetic Hard Disc Diminish

Magnetic Hard Disc

DST Technology has been working with Magnetic Hard Disc Drive and related industry for more than 2 decades, we are supplying our PVA sponge roller, nodular sponge roller and disc type sponge pad to several customers in the industry.  Everyone should agree the hard disc industry is setting up with very high standard as compare […]

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Celebrate 5th Year Specialize in Surface Cleaning

It’s never been easy job for providing surface cleaning technology to the demanding industry, perhaps we have sustained the business for 5 consecutive years. DST Technology still comparative new however we received much affirmative reply from our value customer for our effort we deliver. DST Technology has worked with many industry for surface cleaning technology, […]

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New to DST Technology?

DST Technology, A Trustworthy Supplier For the past few years while we exchange our name card with customer, one of the question we often get from them are about DST.  Every people understand the word about “Technology”, however people are more interested on the meaning for DST. Derive from DST While we started the company […]

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Why PVA Roller Brush suitable for Post-CMP Cleaning Process?

Overview of PVA Roller Brush PVA sponge is a soft, flexible and porous material; it could be formed to various physical pattern bases on the mold design and application.  PVA sponge that comes with roller design is named as PVA roller. PVA roller is having the basic characteristic property of excellent water absorption, soft and […]

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